Sumo wrestling toddler normally takes on and defeats expert opponent in initial match

NowThisBoat Brawl Breaks Out on Lake GeorgeA large brawl broke out on the waters of Lake George in Florida, wherever hundreds of people throughout dozens of boats had collected for a flotilla occasion. At minimum one individual was hurt and a number of individuals ended up arrested in the melee. ‘People are just out there to have a great time, but like anything else, when you have a big concentration of men and women like this and you have liquor involved, you do have some incidents,’ Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood mentioned, by way of WFLA. » Sign up for our newsletter KnowThis to get the most significant tales of the day shipped straight to your inbox: » Subscribe to NowThis: For extra U.S. news, subscribe to NowThis Information. #Florida #Boat #PartyBoat #Politics #News #NowThis This video clip “Boat Brawl Breaks Out on Lake George”, to start with appeared on